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Metal Prices

LME & Fab
(as of 06/13/2024)
Nickel: 13.4605
Copper: 6.4148
Tin: 19.0366
Engelhard Fabricated
(as of 06/13/2024)
Silver: 35.2800
Gold: 2495.0700
Palladium: 1015.0000

Pricing is updated every business day, prior to 12:00pm.

Sumco, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, has provided precision electroplating for the world’s largest manufacturing industries including automotive, electrical, battery, housing, and military for over 30 years.  Our employees are a key part of Sumco’s success and the commitment to their safety, training, and overall sustainability is our top priority.  We pride ourselves on environmental excellence and supplying quality plated products that exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Sumco’s focus on service and customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the industry and has made us a recognized leader in supply chains around the world. Applying our engineering expertise allows us to integrate new products and methods into our processes to quickly adapt to our customers’ evolving requirements as we move toward the future.